Sunday, November 6, 2016

Closing the first quarter

We've done it!  We have reached the milestone of completing the first quarter of the 2016-2017 school year! You may ask if completing the first quarter of a school year is really that significant. My answer is yes, it is!

TA Food Drive Challenge!
The work that goes into the start of a school year is predictable, yet always new and exciting.

Tech Ed

Soon after the newness wears off we are absorbed into the daily routines that anchor us. We are immersed in  curriculum delivery, assessment and collaboration. Meetings begin to take place, we give meaningful feedback, and continuously work on increasing engagement and learning opportunities for our students. Amidst all of this we went on community service outings, team building field trips, held student teacher challenges and whole school assemblies. We offered varied after school learning opportunities and unique curricular experiences through explore blocks and teacher advisory. Some students utilized math knowledge and a growth mindset to finally solve the Rubik's Cube!

We acknowledged students for being positive "STAND UP" community members and worked diligently to help overcome learning obstacles and challenges. We offered enrichment activities for all.We participated in National days of recognition such as Unity Day and Walk to School Day. We even hosted a local news broadcast!
Teachers balanced classroom instruction with continued professional growth and implementing Developmental Designs and Standards Based Grading.

So, yes. I would say that for us completing the first quarter
is a significant milestone. Tomorrow we will welcome
students back to begin the second quarter of the school
year. How fortunate we are to have another new beginning anchored by the familiar, but fueled by the excitement of what is possible.

Teachers list what they are responsible for
during a PD activity. We have an amazing,
dedicated and experienced staff!

      National Walk to School Day 

Unity Day Activities

TA Greeting

ABC 22 Unity Day Interviews