Sunday, December 11, 2016

More on Developmental Designs ... Or a component of a consistent Tier One support and communication system

It is certainly hard to believe that the holiday break is just ten school days away. Students in band and chorus are working hard on finalizing their performances for the concert on Tuesday, 12/20 and other students are immersed in winter sports and a variety of PLP and explore block activities.

As a middle school, we recently added an additional component to our Developmental Designs practice. We launched TAB (Take a break) at a school wide assembly on a Wednesday afternoon a few weeks ago. After the assembly we used our extended weekly TA time to teach the procedure to smaller groups of students and as I walked around visiting TA's that afternoon I was pleased to see our staff modeling the procedures for our students.

As a learning community we have decided to undertake these very clear and defined expectations. These will help students with understanding when they are losing focus, helping themselves get back on track and taking accountability for their actions if necessary. These procedures are a natural addition to our DD practices already in place: the school wide signal for attention, our social contract and TA circles of power and respect. TAB is a best practice strategy that offers clarity and uniformity for taking breaks when necessary both in and out of the classroom. We are intentionally teaching this and after a few days of practice the students really are appreciating the routine of TAB. We know that routine and consistency help to establish a sense of trust in our learning environment. That trust is essential if all of our students are going to reach their full potential. Students are responding well to this consistent approach and teachers are supporting each other in the implementation. This collaboration is helping us to maximize learning opportunities. Please ask your student about TAB or any of the other essential Developmental Design components that we are utilizing at Barre City School.

Adults teach and model the TAB procedure for students

Some more information about TAB