Thursday, May 18, 2017

Amazing personalized, project based learning happens at BC!

Have you seen this fantastic article? We were so proud to share our work with the School Board, the Times Argus and other community members. Mr. Aldrich facilitated the fantastic learning that took place during this quarter three explore block. Students truly embraced this personalized, project based learning with amazing curricular connections!

7th and 8th grade students host Kindergarten students for a scavenger hunt

 We have been offering explore blocks for two years, and as you can see, this project aligns perfectly with our vision!

From the course description page.
Purpose - Exploratory curricular programs (considered essential in good middle schools), will give our students learning experiences in which they can explore their interests, discover their talents, unique abilities and values. There is a natural connection here to Personalized Learning Plans.  Enthusiastic teachers, who have interest and expertise in a variety of areas, plan and lead these exploratory blocks with their students. They develop learning experiences while considering individual learners and 21st century skill development. They also model lifelong learning for students.  Students will have an opportunity to choose offerings that match their interests which gives them a voice in how they spend some of their time and allow them to explore their interests and how they connect with a variety of learning targets.

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