Thursday, May 18, 2017

Over time

Three years ago, through a collaborative effort with some great musicians from Connecticut, our own in house songwriter Mr. Mislak and the amazing work of our entire staff, we launched a movement at BC. STAND UP was introduced as our Middle School motto, and we have been so fortunate to continue to integrate this work into our daily lives here at BCEMS. STAND UP is embedded into our Habits of Learning Rubrics, our recognition system, our assemblies, and in our weekly acknowledgements. For awhile now, students have been nominating each other, along with teachers for STAND UP recognition.

Students are paying attention to the STAND UP
recognition board on display as you enter our school
Now, new for the end of this school year, teachers are also recognizing each other for all that they do each and every day to support and facilitate learning for our students. Stay tuned for the STAND UP teacher nominations as we move through these last few weeks of the year. In the meantime, please take a look at this video made by a member of the Video explore block. If you've seen it before, it is definitely worth another look.
Student STAND UP video

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